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Mission Statement


To guide Texas State University staff members toward updated resources needed to perform their jobs effectively and efficiently.


  • The Staff Resources Website provides helpful links to business processes, services, electronic forms, and training opportunities.

  • The members of the Staff Resources Committee (SRC) are dedicated to providing mentorship and sharing information with all employees.

  • The Staff Resources Fair is an event designed to give all staff members the opportunity to meet department representatives from across the University and learn about their business processes.

  • New Texas State employees are greeted with a welcome email from the SRC containing a link to the website and contact information for all committee members.

Desired Outcomes

All Texas State staff members will:

  • Have access to information and resources they need to do exemplary work

  • Know when and how to use resources effectively and efficiently

  • Establish networks with other staff members across campus

  • Increase employee awareness and satisfaction